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Larry Oskin

Clermont,, FL USA


Art Beautique Larry H. Oskin

As a respected artist, Oskin shares his Art Beautique images as a color and field theorist, with specialties in fine art photography, objective abstract expressionism as well as non-objective abstract expressionism.

Larry Oskin began his professional art career with his first one man exhibition at the age of 7, when his talents were discovered and sponsored by his art teacher Mr. Young, at the George Washington Elementary School in Kenmore, New York. He always felt very fortunate that in the New York State Regents Program, he was able to major in commercial art and fine art in his middle and high school studies. From there, Oskin studied fine art with many advanced, private, high school and college level courses using progressive objective and non-objective color and field theories while studying at the State University College of New York at Buffalo. Endless studies in color, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, serigraphy, graphic design and many other areas of commercial art, led to a multi-dimensional career as a professional fine artist as well as a professional photographer and a graphic designer. Oskin continued to study design, color and field theory as well as fine art for four years under the personal direction and tutelage of Dr. Julius Hubler, Chairperson of the Graphic Design in Advertising Department at the State University College of New York at Buffalo. There he also first studied fine art and commercial photography under internationally celebrated Leslie Krims, Charles Swedlund and Paul Diamond. He also studied advanced photography lighting technique sessions at the Kodak world headquarters in Rochester, NY. Oskin holds a Bachelor￿s Degree in Graphic Design in Advertising, while he also was certified in Art Education with declared double minors in journalism and commercial photography.

Very early in his career while still enrolled in college, Oskin was a full-time department head of the Photo-Graphic Design Department within the Weil, Levy & King Advertising Agency in Buffalo, which was respected as the largest full-service five star agency in New York State outside of New York City. While there, his creations helped with marketing campaigns for Pepsi, Buick, Buffalo Savings Bank, Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Braves, Rich Stadium, Tops Supermarkets, Bells IGA Supermarkets, JC Penney, The Peace Bridge as well as many other regional and national businesses.

Oskin has exhibited his works at art festivals as well as in both private galleries and public art museums in North American and Europe. His work has been shown at Both Ends Gallery in Buffalo, NY, the Lynn Kottler Galleries and the Picture House Gallery in New York City, the Picture House Kenmore Gallery in Kenmore, New York as well as at the world-famous Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, considered one of the ten best modern art museums in the world.

Earlier in his career, Oskin was Director of Marketing for Circle Fine Art, which at the time was respected as the world￿s largest fine art publisher and private art gallery chain, where he provided marketing for Peter Max, Ert￿Yaacov Agam, Norman Rockwell, LeRoy Neiman, Marcel Mouley, Frank Gallo, Lebadang, Douglas Hoffman, Alexander Calder, Walt Disney Studios and many internationally respected artists. He spearheaded the launch of the famous Ert￿lphabet, Numbers and fine art jewelry collections. He was formerly a Vice President of Marketing at Regis Corporation and Creative Hairdressers / The Hair Cuttery, two nationally respected beautycare companies.

Today, Oskin is founder and president of Marketing Solutions in Clermont, FL as a marketing, advertising, graphic design, photography and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty, salon, spa and medical industries. Larry Oskin has been referred to as a "Marketing ChangeMaster" and a "Guerrilla Marketeer". He remains respected as a very creative beauty and art industry executive. He shares over 35 years of professional marketing and management experiences in service-oriented retail industries such as supermarket, food, fine art, bank, real estate and sports team marketing with main focus in the hairstyling, salon, day spa, salon chain, medical, wellness, healthcare and beautycare industries.

Photo Impressionism: Oskin has launched Art Beautique as a new virtual art gallery dedicated to celebrating inspirations of beauty. Oskin notes, ￿My Art Beautique work is very stylized as abstract photo impressionism. I believe that photography remains one of our best artistic forms of creative media and visual expression. Through the fine art of photography, we are able to share what we can see, sense and feel, yet not touch! With photography, we can share the instant of a beautiful sunrise, sunset and cloud, which may only otherwise be a mere quick memory. With photography, we are able to enjoy the memory of smiles, happiness, sorrow, love, warmth, friendship, beauty and spirit as well as to remember the unique joy we may have experienced from a complete array of emotions. A picture may only be worth 1000 words, while little else will compare when you are able to capture any special moment in time!￿

Inspired By Beauty! The Art Beautique collection celebrates the beauty of women, glamour, nature, flowers, animals, cityscapes, world capitals and Washington, DC monuments. The Art Beautique collection is highlighted with original posterized abstract photographs and photographically enhanced canvas artwork. Oskin is truly inspired by beauty; whether from the human form or nature. As a feminist, Oskin￿s goal is to help women look great and to feel better about themselves while improving their self-respect, image, credibility and pride.

Oskin is an avid art collector with works by Peter Max, Ert￿Douglas Hoffman, Charles Bragg, Bill Mack, Itzchak Tarkay, Romero Britto, Anatole, Krasnyansky and Tomasz Rut. He remains an active professional artist, marketer, journalist and fine art photographer.


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