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FINE ART COLLECTING Essentials To Create Your Fine Art Collection

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FINE ART COLLECTING Essentials To Create Your Fine Art Collection

Buy and invest in artwork because you simply enjoy it. If you want to invest in artwork to enhance your home, salon, spa or business as well as your life; make sure you will first be truly inspired by the artwork you select. There will always be many locally, nationally and internationally known artists as well as many up-and-coming artists to consider. Whereas art is always considered a good investment, you must first take value in the pleasure and pride of your selections. From original fine art limited edition prints, posters, paintings, photography, sculptures and more – there are plenty of fabulous options that will decorate your walls and add visual enjoyment into your personal, home and work environments. It is easy to become an art collector, no matter what your budget allows. If you see it and really love it … then buy it!

Get involved! Today, artwork is available online, at local art galleries, at cruise ship art auctions and through national art resources. Make it a priority to learn how to enjoy art by visiting major city art museums, professional fine art galleries, online virtual art galleries and by attending art events within your local community. Buy art books, become a member of city art museums, while taking art appreciation and history courses. Join or sponsor memberships with local community art leagues. Attend national and international art fairs and expositions, especially when you are on vacation and travel. Get on your favorite art gallery email and mailing lists. You will be invited to special events and opening receptions where you will be able to personally meet many of the artists. Whether the artist is nationally known or a local new artist, these personal meetings will add to the excitement of your fine art acquisitions and collections. Begin to read the art columns and reviews in your local newspapers and magazines. Watch the Weekly and Monthly Art Calendars, while planning to attend art events as often as possible. Subscribe to a few art magazines. Buy artwork on vacations and business trips as a positive way to remember the good times you shared while away. If you are on a cruise, be sure to take advantage of their art auctions where you will learn about some of the most current internationally respected artists. Here, you will be able to make affordable art investments. Start to network with art curators, museum directors and other fine art collectors. You may want to start to work with a professional art advisor or art consultant to learn about art collecting, while they will guide you through the process of purchasing fine art for your collection.

Artwork needs to be loved by you and shared with others! I love to see everyone’s private art collections. We have visited many homes and offices where the artwork is truly inspiring, relaxing, motivating and exciting. If their shared artwork moves you, consider doing the same to make your home and work environments more exciting. Visual and emotional enjoyment of your art investments will easily become a priority and a necessity. I have been creating and sharing my own artwork since I was a young boy. As an artist, my first public art exhibit was created when I was only seven years old, because I had an art teacher who enjoyed and respected my collection of artwork so much, he helped me create and promote my first one-man show.

Create Your Fine Art Collection! I have been collecting original fine art since I was a teenager. I must admit that the more you buy, the more you will want to buy. Art collecting really becomes infectious. Once you begin to collect art or focus on becoming a patron of special select artists, you will become hooked. The more excited you become about your fine art investments, you will start to share your addiction with others. When you start to love a few artists, you will begin to successfully amass multiple pieces from these same artists, while creating your own collection. I try to celebrate my own personal enjoyment by sharing my collection of fine art limited edition original prints, posters, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, wall-hangings and photographs within my home and office for our friends, family and clients to enjoy. I love to sit with, stare at and enjoy the artwork that we purchase. Purchasing artwork is not a cost of decorating your home or office. Rather, it will become an important investment in your future well-being, pleasure and enjoyment.

Become totally inspired by art and beauty! I love to celebrate beauty in the artwork I create and collect. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with any artist, art gallery and your growing art collections. Sure, most artwork investments will go up in financial value. More importantly, it will go up in enjoyed value!

Good Art Collecting!

Larry H. Oskin, President
Art Beautique, Inc.